Love Rehab with Dr. D Ivan Young.

Joining us for this episode is holistic relationship expert Dr. D Ivan Young. Fairy Tale endings are all too often burdened by harsh realities. Dr. D Ivan Young’s fresh supportive, non-judgmental approach unveils core issues, resuscitates hopeless situations and ultimately breathes new life to restore happiness.    We can only attract what we’re ready to…


Listen Now: Everyday Advice for the Extraordinary Woman

Click here to listen! Jenni Lewis-Ford and Michele Foster chat with Jo Ann Darby, author of The Girlfriend Book and wildly popular blog of the same name. The Girlfriend book is a fun read filled with everyday advice to help women lead extraordinary lives. “I have realized that women need to be encouraged about how special they…


Is judgement always a bad thing? Listen now!

Is judgement always a bad thing… Jenni Lewis-Ford joins the Emma Johnson Radio Show to discuss! Can judgement be a constructive tool to help people grow or should it always be best left unsaid? Click to listen and hear your chick Jenni shed some light on the subject during the first 15 minutes of this podcast. About…


redefining the term “like a girl”

When did acting “like a girl” become an insult? Always, the feminine hygiene brand owned by Procter & Gamble explores this notion in their new advert “like a girl” and hopes to redefine the phrase to evoke terms such as strong and powerful. In below the video, a cast of men and women of all…

Me with camera

Listen Now: Interview with Filmaker Mya B.

Documentary Afraid Of Dark explores the question: Are Black Men Are Vilified? Host Jenni Lewis-Ford is joined by film maker Mya B. to discuss her documentary “Afraid of Dark” – which examines racial stereotypes associated with black masculinity and the societal fears that ensue from them.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!


in-law problems…Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z!!

(I have to start off this post by saying two things 1) I don’t condone voilence 2) buttttt HAAAAA) TMZ released a silent video today of a post – Met gala beat down served up on a platter by Solange Knowles who gave Jay-z a two piece and a biscuit. The video is little blurry but…