redefining the term “like a girl”

When did acting “like a girl” become an insult? Always, the feminine hygiene brand owned by Procter & Gamble explores this notion in their new advert “like a girl” and hopes to redefine the phrase to evoke terms such as strong and powerful.

In below the video, a cast of men and women of all ages are asked to describe what they think the phrase “like a girl” means. The results are not so surprising, with lots of limp wrist action, hair twirling, with everyone who is NOT a young girl, pretty much confirming they think the term “like a girl” means to be weak.

However; the video takes a turn for the awesome when the same question is posed to actual young girls that demonstrate athleticism and precision in their responses. This video shows, that young girls don’t actually think it’s an insult to act, run, or throw “like a girl” – and that being a girl, is nothing to be ashamed of. (Fuck Yeah!).


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