About Chix Talk Radio Network ™

real life, real conversation, real talk radio…

Welcome to the Chix Talk Radio Network! Created in 2013 by Jenni-Lewis Ford, the mission of this radio network is to provide fun, informative, “real”atable talk radio by women who love to serve it up! Whether you are single, married, a working parent, business woman, or all of the above, we have something for you. Just think of us as an electronic carb free brownie for your soul.

So check out our shows to catch up on the latest in: Pop Culture, Entertainment, Personal Development, Health, Parenting, and all the stuff in between.


Flix on the Radio™: 2 comediennes and self-appointed pop culture junkies share their uncensored views on the latest shenanigans in television & film.

2chix 1mic™:  Each show, Jenni Lewis-Ford is joined by a “Woman of the Hour” to offer an intelligent, provocative discussion that addresses the choices and thoughts of women in the 25- 60 age range.  They don’t always agree, but they always have fun. J Fun Fact: 2chix had been nominated as fan favorite for the 2013 Podcast Awards!

Eat to Live Happy: Deep inside of you, there is a Nutritionista, waiting to explore the healthier side of life for herself and her family. Our certified health coach, Tania Centola will give you the tools to get you on the road to a brighter, happier, more energized you — while making meal planning, affordable, healthy and fun.

Coming Soon:

  • Chix Talk Sports: Move over fellas, women do like sports too and not just for the hot men in tight pants or Buffalo wings.
  • Happy Hour for Moms: Grab a glass a wine and join the fun as mom’s unite to whine and dish on  parenting woes and that awful chick you hate at the PTA.
  • Power Hour with a Certified Life Coach: Let yourself be great and let us help you do that with free sessions with our certified Chix Talk Life Coach.


Archived shows are always available for your convenience on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Blogtalk!


If you have an interesting story to tell and want to be a featured guest on the Chix Talk Radio Network please email: JenniFDB@2chix1mic.com