Creator of Chix Talk Radio Network,  
Host of 2chix1mic and Flix on the Radio 

Jenni-HeadshotTV & Radio Host, Film Critic, and all around Opinionista

Jenni Lewis-Ford (also known as JenniFDB) is the creator of The Chix Talk Radio Network,  host of the award winning 2chix1mic radio show, and correspondent for HerFlix TV. Lover of all things pop culture, she keeps her fingers firmly on the pulse of current events and entertainment news. Her fluidity, humor and ability to create a fun and comfortable interview dialogue, can be seen in her many appearances on national TV and radio.

When she is not awkwardly talking about herself in third person, Jenni is an active writer, newlywed, 1st time mom, and margarita connoisseur.  Check out her blog at