Open Call for Radio Hosts

The Chix Talk Radio Network is expanding and looking for a few good hosts!

We have a few radio programs in development  and are looking for women who want to rock the mic on the Chix Talk Radio Network. Created by Jenni-Lewis Ford, the mission of this radio network is to provide fun, informative, “real”atable talk radio for women, by women.

We are looking for hosts for the following shows, so if you think you would be a great fit or have a great radio concept to share please email

In Development :

  • Chix Talk Sports: Move over fellas, women do like sports too and not just for the hot men in tight pants or Buffalo wings.
  • Happy Hour for Moms: Grab a glass a wine and join the fun as mom’s unite to whine and dish on  parenting woes and that awful chick you hate at the PTA.
  • Power Hour with a Certified Life Coach: Let yourself be great and let us help you do that with free sessions with our certified Chix Talk Life Coach.

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