Exercise & Working Parents w/ Fit Guru Craig Ramsay — Listen here!!

Exercise & Working Parents w/Celebrity Trainer Craig Ramsay

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Click here to listen — Most of us acknowledge that exercise is important to our well-being, yet as working parents, we often can’t seem to find the time or energy to do anything more physically taxing than keeping up with children, jobs, commutes, and other chores and responsibilities. With busy schedules, it’s not easy to factor in time for ourselves.

This episode we will be getting tips from working parents that manage to fit in fitness and will get expert advice from celebrity trainer:

Craig Ramsay – Wellness, Fitness and Transformational Coach

Bravo’s “Thintervention” first introduced Craig to American TV audiences, and now he is internationally recognized fitness guru for his extensive knowledge and diverse expertise of the human condition. Craig Ramsay has more than 12 years of documented success transforming the mind, body and spirit of people and communities across the world. Craig now hosts his own wed series on www.ulive.com


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