My New Addiction: 5 Minute Workout Anywhere

5 minute work out anywhere

For those of you that know me, I absolutely love my Bridal Bootcamp Trainer- Craig Ramsay!  He has a hilarious and imformative new series on  that can help anyone fit some fitness into a busy day.  The best part about him and the videos is that that they are both FUN, which most people forget a work out is suppose to be.  Here’s some more infor via

Get Cut with Craig Ramsay

Craig ‘s versatile background — as a former ballet dancer, hockey player, fitness model, actor and trained contortionist — makes him one the most sought after fitness experts in the business. Craig’s first foray into television was Bravo’s Thintervention, and he has been engaging and charming audiences ever since. He’s now an internationally recognized fitness guru with a mission to transform as many lives as he can. He’s making it easy with his 5 Minute Workout Anywhere series.


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