Couples Game Night – a new twist on an old favorite

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So it happened. You’ve beaten the odds (especially if you are a NYC’er) and finally found someone to call your own. This person gets you, makes you happy, and just hearing their quirky laugh or getting a text from them on a sucky Monday brightens your whole day.  It starts with leaving an innocent toothbrush at their place or maybe some toiletries for the nights you stay over; until that glorious day you’re promoted to a full drawer of your own. Let’s fast forward over the awkward introductions to parents, a few dozen trips to Ikea — now you live together, maybe even adopted a furry pal to co-parent…guess what? You are officially in land of the “LTR” – aka a long term relationship. You’re not quite married but you’re both invested in building a life with each other.

So what do you do when your relationship loses that “shiny new car” smell?

Eventually we all reach the point where ish gets real – and it happens to the best of them. It’s just a natural part of adjusting to co-habitation. Could be a finance thing, a communication issue or the general realization that you and your sweetie just don’t seem to click like you did at the start (aka the good ole days)…either way, the general consensus is that it’s just not as fun as it used to be. Nevertheless; you have innocent fur babies to think about and walking away isn’t as simple as it used to be either. Besides, the real truth of it is that you do still love them…even if the slurping sound they make when eating cereal pisses you off to no end.

A few weeks ago, I found myself there (there – being one cereal bowl away from losing it). Maintaining a long–term healthy relationship with all the good bits is hard work, but all worth it when you’re lucky to have an amazing person to share your life with (I love you baby!). So after a few weeks of being proactive, learning love languages, trying to get my Venus visa approved for a visit to Mars; thinking like a man, shopping like a lady and countless countless hours of trolling the net reading, researching and getting some google-induced panic I came across:


Enter Jay Cadet, certified relationship coach and author of Just Let Your Relationship Be Great – a brief guide to getting out of your way and letting your relationship thrive. (click the link and get free download. You’re welcome, in advance)

Couples Game Night is Jay’s clever way to bring couples into a fun environment while incorporating games that create an open Laughing copydialogue to address the issues most couples face. Instead of the classic guys vs girls scenario, you and your love-bird a team that competes against other couples for actual prizes (Bonus!).  You’re so busy having fun that you don’t even realize that “YOU JUST GOT COACHED YO”.

Personally, hubby and I were long overdue for a fun date night – just being in a “stress-free” mental zone made it easier for Jay’s little nuggets of wisdom sync in. We both left light hearted and full from the amazing fruit punch and all the food for thought.

If you want a little piece of the action, I suggest you check it out for your lovely selves this Saturday August 24th.  Event details are posted below! It’s the last one of the summer, if you feel like your relationship needs vitamin shot it probably does – so do your relationship and favor and check it out. Afterall  “The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together” – Jay Cadet. (Double Bonus: Jay lives near Harlem Shake. My thighs are telling me that I’m not allowed back there but please do order a Hot Mess in my honor)

Event details Via co3 Studio

You and your partner will team up against other couples in games that will test your communication, your trust and your knowledge of each other. You’ll even learn a few things to help reinforce those areas of your relationship.

We’ll have prizes, good music, free drinks and more. So save the date and swing by for a great time and to meet other like-minded couples.


Committed couples that are looking to get that spark back and improve things like trust and communication, but in an informal, easy going way. So for the sore losers, egos checked at the door please!


The Courtyard at The Relationship Studio 242 Lenox Ave., Bsmt. New York, NY 10027

Wanna learn more about Jay Cadet the Relationship Coach? Stay tuned as I pick Jay’s brain in a two-part interview exclusive, posting on 2chix tomorrow! Also check out his work at:



Love & Lollipops,



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