live BETTER challenge: guest blogger Sherina Archer

Sherina Archer

Sherina Archer

6 weeks to live BETTER challenge – Meet Sherina

A few weeks ago I posted a note on facebook looking for people who like me, wanted to make a lifestyle change; to live healthier, be more active and make better choices to live a better life. I was surprised at the amount of support and interest I received.  Sherina is one of the amazing people that accepted this challenge and this is her story. -JenniFDB. 

2/2013 – written by Sherina Archer 

Hello Beautiful People,

I wish I could do the video blog to show the world a moment by moment view of my weight loss. However, i work in a home 10 hrs a day. So for fear of violating my patients HIPPA rights and losing my dam job, which would send me in to depression mode for sure lol, I’ll just write.

My name is Sherina Archer. I’m 28 years old and working parent to one handsome little 2 year old boy. Let me just say that I love food, all kinds, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I wasn’t the type of woman to be shy at the dinner table. Now I always conduct myself as a lady should when eating but let’s just say I had no fear of term “seconds please”.
Since giving birth I’ve gained 34 lbs. Which I plan on losing for my health sake. Besides, if nothing else, I have a child who I live for. And that`s all the reason I need to keep me going, when I want to give up and go get a Big Mac meal.. size LARGE.

Going from bumpy to lumpy hardly seemed fair. I thought after having a baby you’re suppose to go back to your normal body weight.. Everybody else did! Or so it seemed. It’s been tough dealing with the extra weight both emotionally and physically. The real challenge though, has been the journey me that is. Well it’s not just a journey, its a struggle! I mean I’ve tried almost everything to give me quick results of weight loss. Lol… I blame commercial for this. You see them! Hi, my name is so and so. I use to wear a size 22 and after taking skinny-quick for 2 weeks… I’m down to a size 4. Then they show a horrible before picture of an unhappy fat girl eating rice cakes and smiling self consciously. Who by the way looks nothing like the size 4 woman holding a tape measure around her waist, wearing spandex that im sure she purchased in the toddler section. Why? Well there’s two reasons. 1.Its not her!(we all know its not her right?). 2.Because skinny-quick transforms you. So I run to the nearest drug store, drink the skinny-quick for the allotted time but no tall hot blond do I see in the mirror. It’s sad.

I signed up for the gym and actually went for some time. I even started to see a little change but the stress of life is a S.O.B. One week of not going turned into 1 year. And this happens over the period of the past 2 years with different supplements, vitamins, creams and exercise routines. You name it!

Since gaining the weight I’ve definitely seen a difference in the way i move. Why? Because I now have a knee problem. It’s because of the added pressure from my weight gain that’s causing my knee to weaken. It’s gotten to the point where I have to go to physical therapy.

Recently I’ve started a vegan diet. Now I didn’t intend on going vegan. I was presented with a challenge to go without meat, dairy and sugar in any form for 10 days. Whats left to eat you ask? Fruits,vegetables,whole grains and water. Doesn’t sound like much, I know. I honestly didn’t think I could do it but I did. It felt good to know that I have some sort of self control on my appetite after all. Since completing my 10 day challenge  I haven’t looked back and that was a little over a month ago.

Ok ok I peeked once but that’s it!! I’m still a work in progress. I must say though, since cutting all those things from my diet I feel better about myself and I’ve lost 8lbs. The commercials again have not made it a simple transition. (You know, maybe I should stop watching television so much). But I’m determined to get that old thing back.


One thought on “live BETTER challenge: guest blogger Sherina Archer

  1. How u doing Sherina? Congratulations on your baby boy; he is beautiful:) i did not read everything, but best wishes on your weigh loss. U can do it girl!

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