JenniFDB featured on the Ricki Lake Show Feb 27th!!!

Episode Air Date: 2/27/13 @ 3pm est on WPIX (Ch.11) 

A few weeks ago, I knew I needed some inspiration to kick-start my weight loss program, so I applied to a casting for brides looking to shed a few pounds before the big day. I knew this opportunity was a great fit because I am getting married in October and did gain all this pesky baby weight back (and then some).  Every bride wants to look and  feel fabulous on their big day, but deep down, I knew this more than that. This was a chance to change my life.

These last few years, I’ve been struggling with being borderline diabetic and having two grandmothers that passed away from this very same disease, I was ashamed to admit I needed help. Ever day living with this extra weight is dangerous, and I’ve been ignoring it because type 2 diabetes is not a condition you can feel or see until it’s too late and it causes  irreversible damage to your organs. Having lived through the pain of losing a loved one to a condition that is maintainable and even reversible with proper diet and exercise, I didn’t want history to repeat itself. I don want to leave an irreplaceable hole in my family. When I walk down the aisle this October, I want to be walking towards a new future.

I needed help and that’s when Ricki Lake came in. As one of three brides picked to participate in this challenge, Ricki  provided the tools I need to help me on my journey to a happy and healthier ever after: a fabulous fitness trainer, Thinnervention’s Craig Ramsay hand picked to assist with my body transformation, a year gym membership to Curves gym, and lots of incentive prizes should I succeed at this challenge. But the absolute best part of it all, is that I now have the support, encouragement, and accountability needed to excel at living better.

Words cannot express how I feel right now, the easiest way to describe this last few weeks, is to  think of the last 10 minutes of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  Actually, let’s fast forward a bit and get to the part after Willy Wonka was being a tool with the whole fake “you didn’t win” drama, and Charlie found out that he was in fact the only heir to a delicious chocolaty empire and his life was forever changed in a flying glass elevator type of way.

I am living in that elevator right now.

I will kick diabetes’s ass, I will look and feel fabulous in my wedding dress, I will be docu-blogging this experience and I hope you join me in this journey of self transformation.

More to come.

Love & Lollipops,



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