Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

Written by JenniFDB  (5-16-12)

 As a newly minted, first time fetus owner, I often find myself caught up in the day-to-day juggle of coping with a hectic schedule while trying to discretely manage morning sickness and the inconspicuous nap (or two) in the bathroom at work. When closing time comes along, I drag my aching boobs and pounding head on a 90 minute voyage home, where I make a feeble attempt to research home décor options and find some time to promote my radio show before falling asleep in my dinner. Wash and repeat 5x and you have a basic summary of my work week.

If it sounds like I am complaining, fear not; I totally am. Being a prego is a very vulnerable time in a woman’s life and within a short span of nine months your body is going through an assortment of amazing (yet scary) changes and your mind is scrambling to process it all. However; in the midst of — the sickness, working, feeling bone aching exhausted – – it’s easy to sometimes forget about our babies. Not the ones renting out a room in Hotel Del Uterus, but our significant others, husbands, life partners, the seed planters, the craving fetchers, and the belly kissers (aka Yo Baby Daddy).

I’ve been guilty of putting baby (daddy) in the corner; forgetting that I am not alone and that my beautiful partner who lets me eat all his food, and surprises me with cupcakes (and then helps me eat them when I feel guilty about it) is experiencing this journey to babyhood right along with me. In this moment of clarity I realize, it may be my first pregnancy but it’s his too. He is excited about baby décor, planning baby showers and researching pediatricians (hey, at least one of us is!). Maybe I shouldn’t automatically assume that he wouldn’t want to hear about the weird 2 inch hair growing near my navel or that the smell of leather gives me headaches. He is fascinated with this pregnancy and I should let him.

I’m going to step off my estrogen soapbox and proclaim that being an Almost Dad, is not a spectator sport; heck some Almost Dads even get severe cases of sympathy pains. Even if they don’t, being on the receiving end of a mood swing that would put roid rage to shame can’t be fun.

 I’m learning the importance of taking a break from being cranky/overwhelmed; and acknowledge your partner and the important role they play in your pregnancy. They may be middle line backer to your quarter back, but at the end of the day you two are team  and the game wouldn’t be the same without them.

After all, this is the person that will kiss your sweaty forehead, look at your face full of pregnancy acne, rub your feets even when your legs looks like extras from Teen Wolf and still tell you that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. In my opinion, any man that can lie to you with a straight face like that deserves an occasional pat on the back or surprise BJ now and again.


Jennifer Lewis also known as JenniFDB is a professional event planner by day and host of 2chix1mic Talk Radio show by nigh. She is a renowned smack talker, seasoned margarita connoisseur and first time fetus owner. Reach her at:


One thought on “Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

  1. Brilliant! You left me wanting more of your wonderful insight on this most special time in your lives. Looking forward to the next chapter, and learning more about Baby X!

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