Breaking up without breaking down

You don't have to go through a break up alone

Our friends over at YourTango  have declared February 13 the first annual “Break Up With Your Ex” Day.  “We want you to be completely free of your ex on that symbolic day of love,” they write. (How mentally healthy!)

This conscious movement to remove past relationship baggage inspired me to team up with esteemed relationship mediator and CEO of Untangled Resolutions, Bathabile  Mthombeni J.D.

On Tuesday, 2/28 Untangled Resolutions will be hosting a LIVE Webinar dedicated to help you navigate through a difficult breakup while ending your relationship with confidence, grace and dignity.

Going through a breakup is not much fun—and neither are the after-effects. You know, those lingering urges to call, text, or Facebook stalk, (c’mon you know you’ve done it) your ex. If this describes you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Click the image to listen to Bathabile untangle your resolutions and  give you the tools you need to break up without breaking down.  

About Untangled Resolutions: 

Create your best future . . .

Untangled Resolutions is a mediation service that offers personal guidance to negotiate the transitions in your relationships.

BATHABILE MTHOMBENI, J.D. believes there are no impossible cases.  A cum laude graduate of Princeton University, she earned her law school at Columbia University where she began mediating in civil court.  Bathabile understands that conflicts in relationships can devastate anybody’s life. Her main concern is for her clients to recognize their power to re-establish normalcy and happiness in their lives.  A mediation is successful for Bathabile when her clients are in charge of creating the best possible solution that addresses everyone’s needs and interests.  She urges her clients: Choose sanity.  Mediate.   Website:


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