Interview with author and abduction survivor Keith Smith

Interview with author Keith Smith

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and 2chix 1mic has an informative show lined up for you. Join JenniFDB and her co-host Cat Hernandez as they interview Keith Smith: Author and Stranger Abduction/Sexual Assault Survivor.

At the age of 14, Keith was abducted by a sexual predator in his local town of Lincoln, Rhode Island. He will recount the tale of his kidnapping, assault, escape and take us through his journey from “victim” to “survivor”. Keith will also give you the essential tips on child safety and sexual abuse awareness with his “5 Steps We Can Take to Keep Kids Safe”.

Keith Smith is the author of the novel, Men in My Town and was a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s groundbreaking show on Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. His book is available for purchase on Amazon now: Men in My Town

Call in to speak with Keith:

If you want to speak with Keith or share your personal experience on this subject please call: (818) 572.4950


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