Bah humbug and Merry xmas baby Jesus

brought to you by 2chix 1blog, written by Ms. B. Haven

Hi Kiddies!

Ms B. Haven here, your trusty news pusha for 2chix 1mic. I’ve been wanting to blog for a while, but I haven’t had much to say outside of my commentary on 2chix1mic and a quote here and there on facebook or twitter.  But I find myself staring another Christmas in the face and it’s not pretty.  I happen to be a parent and I have a big family that like to gather for the holidays.  Unemployment percentages and Nintendo prices seem to be in a drag race which means: I can barely make Christmas happen for my own child, nevermind well meaning relatives.  Besides my own personal problems with this holiday, I see social ones as well.

What if you take your time considering a thoughtful gift, only to get a crappy one back? It’s the thought that counts right?  But what if it was a cheap thought, wouldn’t you rather just have the cash?  It has to be better to say:  “I thought you could use $20, Merry Christmas!” than “Here’s a Britney Spears perfume from the pharmacy.”  Maybe it’s just me.

I’m not against doing nice things; we all know you shouldn’t give to get.  But just consider how much the average person spends during the holidays.  Not just on their family, but on their friends, or even co-workers in those awful grab bags. FYI,  Just get me a $10 bottle of wine, if that’s the spending limit.  Seriously, the average person probably spends at least $300-$500 or more each year for a Hallmark Holiday.  Last time I read the bible, I don’t recall Santa stopping by to drop off a pokemon game for baby Jesus.

Here’s a more Christ-like thought:

  • What if instead of buying things for our loved ones only once a year, we thought of them randomly throughout the year instead?
  • What if we took that money and spent it on something they really needed, like bills, food, or a metrocard?
  • What if instead of buying things we volunteered our time:  for babysitting, a paint party, or girls/guys night out, etc.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

I was raised Catholic and although we all know this holiday is suppose to commemorate the birth of Jesus, how many of us are really thinking about it.  I know I wasn’t and I think that’s kind of sad.  I’m not saying that you should feel my Catholic guilt.  I just think there might be something more we can give to each other than just more stuff, possibly stuff we don’t even want on top of that.

In my humbug opinion, I believe the only ones that should get a gift are children that still beilieve in Santa. One year I volunteered for Thanksgiving, and it was one of the happiest days of my life. So this year  or next, try to give a gift that keeps on giving. It is Jesus’ birthday after all…


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