When it comes to dating co-workers…steer clear of crazy!

 brought to you by 2chix 1blog, written by Cat Hernandez

Dating can be tricky and when it comes to dating your co-workers even more so. If you are going to take the plunge and dip your pen in company ink, at least make sure you pick a sane, well rounded person.

Here are some classic signs of crazy that you should look out for:

Aggressive temperament and Jealousy

Many people mistake mild jealousy and obsession for love and attentiveness. During the first three months of a relationship you should be paying attention to any behavior which would indicate that this may be an issue. People who can not control their emotions often have plenty of reasons or excuses for why they behave this way. So pay attention to their actions not there excuses. The last thing we want is to invite a crazy person into our lives.

You are waiting to meet and right before he arrives another guy walks over trying to start a conversation. You politely turn him down just as your date walks in and observes the exchange.
His reaction:
a) Inquisitive – Hey, Who was that?
b) Insecure – So who’s that guy?
c) Protective- Who’s that clown? Was he bothering you?
d) Resentful/Angry- Who’s that? What did he want? So I guess you like that kind of attention.
Any of the above reactions can indicate possessiveness or jealousy so be wary if you notice this behavior as it may escalate into an abusive situation.

Insecurity or Lacking Confidence
How would you define them: Insecure, Somewhat insecure, Confident, Very Confident, or Arrogant?
Does this person seem to have a healthy self esteem? Are they happy with who they are, or do they complain about all of their imperfections or wish they were someone else?
Do they have a close group of friends and a life of their own or do they just want to spend time with you?

Controlling or Manipulative
Men control with money and status. Women manipulate with emotions and sex.

Dating someone who is controlling or manipulative may be hard to recognize at first. The signs can be very and easy to miss. It may begin with slight comments about the way you look or a joke at your expense which can be indicative of passive aggressive behavior. Pay attention to the subtleties and address this behavior right away.

Crush or Obsession
Distinguishing the difference between interested and obsessed can be tricky but if you get the sense that someone may be crossing the line consider the following:

Do they show up unannounced or unexpectedly?
Do they try to make friends with your friends?
Do they get jealous if they see you giving attention to someone else?
If someone seems desperate to be with you then you need to be direct and clear about how you feel. If you do not share the same feelings then do not lead them on.


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