How to recognize a player…

brought to you by 2chix 1blog, written by Cat Hernandez

A player can be very popular, charismatic and fun. Look out for these traits to avoid the heartbreak…

Used to having people drawn to them with little effort; they’re confident to the point of arrogance, yet seem laid back and in control.  They give off the perception that they’re Gods gift, but a real player would never need to say that.  They’re charming and know the right thing to say, which also makes them manipulative. They’ll have you running around in circles doing favors, but would only meet you half way.   They don’t go overboard showing their emotions, but give you just enough attention to keep you on the hook.  They’ll always express their disappointment and punish you by not answering your calls or simply brush you off.

Their relationships tend to be shallow, and you shouldn’t be surprised if they have a few people they can call at anytime to come running.  A true player doesn’t invest time into anyone except themselves, so they can come across as heartless but may actually be insecure.  They keep their distance to avoid being hurt or vulnerable.


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