Alone Again with Harvey VanChapman

Presented by 2chix 1blog, written by JenniFDB


We recently had the pleasure of having Harvey VanChapman as a guest on the 2chix 1mic show, and we debated if the music industry/public would embrace openly gay artists? The jury is still out on that verdict but we know one thing: ready or not, Harvey will carve out his own path because this established singer/ songwriter’s new single: Alone Again is making it rain in the club scene.


Listen here:


Below we get to catch up with Harvey for a 2chix Q&A:


JenniFDB: Hey Harvey, let’s revisit the topic for the show: Is the music industry ready for openly gay artists? And while we are are at it : who are some artists that you’d like to see come out of the closet?

Harvey V: Honestly, is the music industry ready? NO…Is society ready? Yes…I think we are vastly growing into a more open and accepting world, however their are parts of society that are still primitive and ignorant as hell. Who I’d like to see come out of the closet?…hmm…well Ricky Martin is already out, and he hasn’t called me yet lol. Okay honestly, I’ve heard rumors about of Ne-Yo and Trey Songz and it’s believable. We need someone who has an upper hand in the urban music industry to really shock, awe and set an example so that people can grow up and get over their ignorance.


JenniFDB: Where can fans hear your music and what should they expect from you in 2010?

Harvey V: My fans should expect to hear new music as I’m constructing a new project. I’m keeping them in the know, even if it’s a little snippet of a demo to listen to this time around. They can also expect me to be more tangible with more live performances. You can keep up with me on Facebook ‘Harvey Van Chapman’ or always check out my myspace: ‘ I try to keep a good balance between the two though I do lean a little more toward facebook shh…lol.



JenniFDB: Favorite song off your EP? I think I know, but I want to know why.

Harvey V: My favorite song I’ve done thus far is “Alone Again,” which I’ve been performing around NYC and other cities soon. It’s a song that bled straight out of my heart with no hesitation and I think it perfectly displays a side of my emotion that I can more easily express in music. In short, this song is ME. People who know me will instantly feel like I’m in the same room in one of my usual rants when they hear it lol.


JenniFDB: What inspired you to become an artist?

Harvey V: My older sisters actually inspired me.  It wasn’t until I was about to graduate high school when my sister, Dau, convinced me to move to Boston because she was in a music group working with a producer and vocal coach and thought it was a good idea for me to work with her as well because she believed in my talent. And so that’s what I did and the rest is history…


JenniFDB: If you had to choose a quote to describe what motivates you day to day, what would it be?

Harvey V: “The universe always gives you exactly what you need, not necessarily what you want.” I repeat that aloud to myself throughout some days as I go through my crazy experiences (both satisfying and disappointing) as a way to keep myself grounded and in check.



JenniFDB: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

Harvey V: I would love the ability to fly…I’m always late for everything and I think if I could fly I’d still be late but I’d be late AND dope as hell all at the same time lol…so people might not care that I’m always late cause I can fly…BOOM.

JenniFDB: Harvey, I know you are originally from the south, do you think certain people are meant for certain cities?

Harvey V: Hell YEAH, I’m already there baby I’m in New Yoooooooork, concrete jungle where dreams are maaaade ooof…lol

JenniFDB: What do you enjoy doing the most when you are not performing or working on your music?

Harvey V: I LOVE to dance, I grew up dancing alongside playing music and writing. The music moves you uncontrollably, which is fun but kind of annoying at the same time. Other than that you can always catch me jogging somewhere in the city or hanging out and laughing it up with my friends. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends or laughter. Laughter really is the cure for a lot of things, and I’m one of those people that thinks everything is funny. I’m also one of the few left in the world that believe in loyalty as it seems loyalty is vintage in this day and age.


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